1. Join our volunteer base
Become a member of our volunteer base – people who would like to give some of their time to CAIS on a regular, intermittent or one-off basis. We would be grateful for assistance with a wide range of activities including research and promotion and administration work. Many of our volunteers work from home. If you have any skills you think would be useful for the charity we would be very happy to hear from you.Please contact coordinator@cancerawareness.org.uk or phone 0131 623 0304.
2. Join a CAiS Action Group (or Set One Up in Your Area)
CAiS’s Fund Raising and Health Promotion Action groups help us decide what projects and events CAiS initiates or gets involved with. You can take part by joining our egroup or set up your own Action Group specifically for people in your area.If you are interested, please contact coordinator@cancerawareness.org.uk or phone 0131 623 0304.
3. Raise Funds
Take part in an organised event … or raise money from your own event
4. Take on a Specific Task
TaskFor ProjectDetailsTypes of Skills Involved
Help to promote and encourage people/organisations to take part in a Better Heatlh EventBetter Health EventsDevelop next Green Tea Week. Includes detailed plan; writing to companies to ask for green tea sachets.Admin/ Research / Planning / Organisation / Communication / Promotion
Secure free advertising spaceClean Air Awards Project / Health Promotion ProjectsE.g. contact First Bus; Virgin (Richard Branson) and Stagecoach (Brian Sutar) to ask for free advertising space on coaches for CAIS/CLAIRResearch / Communication
Publicise current CLAIR establishmentsClean Air Awards Project:Research and organise publicity to promote CLAIR establishments. Inside buses (or on outside if free!); maybe newspapers and magazines such as. Herald and Post (Edinburgh) and the Metro (Glasgow).Admin/ Marketing / Communication / Publicity
Increase CLAIR establishment membershipClean Air Awards ProjectEncourage the public and establishments to inform us of smoke-free places – how (use media, free advertising?)Admin/ Marketing / Communication / Publicity
Increase CLAIR establishment membershipClean Air Awards ProjectContact cafes, restaurants and pubs by telephone to ask their smoking status (from list donated by AA).Telephoning
Publicise CLAIR scheme and establishmentsClean Air Awards ProjectContact places such as airports, bus stations, youth hostels, etc. and ask if they’d display CLAIR posters and/or take-away listsAdministration / Marketing
Persuade MSPs to become involved in CLAIRClean Air Awards ProjectContact all MSPs asking them to campaign in their constituency for CLAIR – good publicity for them and for project – perhaps could persuade some places to go smoke-free.Communication / Liaison / Project Development
Write to key/large/relevant organisations asking for funding or prize donationsRaising funds for charityContact groups and organisations asking for donations/fundraising events for our charity. E.g. orchestras and choirs.Communication
Organise can rattling eventsRaising funds for charityWrite to big supermarkets (Tesco, Asda, Sainsbury) to book date to rattle CAIS cans. Plan/organise can rattlers (Rotary clubs? etc) for secured dates.Communication / Organisation
Research and secure figurehead(s) for charityCharity profileSecure figurehead(s) for charity. Ideas=Steven Henry (snooker); David Kultart (racing driver); well-known footballer ~ Tom Davidson (Berwick Rangers)?Research / Communication
Melanoma Action Campaign: schools competitionWebsitePlan and develop web pages for MAC Project for Schools. Materials and plan have been developed but need finalising.Web development / health promotion / education
Develop interactive tools for websiteWebsiteDevelop tools and/or innovative, well-designed presentations for various sections of the website.Web development / health promotion / education
Please contact coordinator@cancerawareness.org.uk or phone 0131 623 030