Weighted Blanket Therapy for Chemo Anxiety

What is Chemo Anxiety?

A cancer diagnosis is a debilitating moment for many people. Cancer patients deal with this diagnosis differently, but one of the most common thing that occurs is acute anxiety. With the stresses of everyday life already bearing down on people, a diagnosis for a difficult disease like Cancer causes even further stress.

Throughout the patient’s treatment, anxiety will be ever-present. Most notably from the treatment of chemotherapy. Which not only physically stresses a patient but also causes mental unrest. Many patients seek something to alleviate this difficulty, and while already taking a number of medications, a prescription solution is often something wished to be avoided. If you are seeking help with any form of anxiety, it is important to consult your primary care doctor for guidance. Cancer patients especially should work with doctors to understand what best way to treat these issues. They are already going through such a tremendous battle, it is important to use every weapon at your disposal to fight back.

Some patients may wish to avoid medication for anxiety or are looking for other forms of alleviation to pair with medication. Thankfully over the past several years, there has been clinical research done on the effect of weighted blankets for anxiety and pain relief. This is in part for several reasons.

How can a Weighted Blanket help?

Weighted blankets, aid in sleep. This has been an apparent benefit of weighted blankets since their creation, but for patients undergoing discomfort causing treatments. It can be difficult to alleviate these issues. The pressure therapy that the weighted blankets cause to occur, help the body enter and maintain sleep, even with the discomfort of pain. Patients need to get their rest in order for their bodies to replenish after such an exhausting treatment, an all-natural aid in this area is extremely beneficial to patients.

A consistent deep sleep can also reduce the pain and discomfort of chemotherapy. This is due to the way the body eases and heals during deep rest, your muscles relax and your blood flow increases, making for a more effective healing process.

A good nights rest will also aid in the alleviation of Chemo anxiety, but it may not be enough to help get many patients past it. A weighted blanket has many properties that can alleviate anxiety outside of sleep. When the pressure therapy occurs, which can be done even if you are resting on the couch watching TV, it immediately lets the brain know a few things and illicit a state of calm. One of the most interesting messages it sends is that you are getting a nice hug. We know the benefits of hugs already, but being able to have that sensation available, without concerns for side effects is a great resource for those suffering with cancer or chemo anxiety.

Which weighted blanket is best?

While there are many weighted blankets on the market today, the ones you will want to look for having a wide variance in weight and size options. As well as an all-natural construction. For this reason, our choice are the weighted blankets @ https://www.namasteblankets.com/. These blankets are made with a 100% natural cotton cover, so you do not need to worry about any chemicals in your blanket. Inside there are high-density glass beats, that can even be washed if so desired. These are non-toxic and hypoallergenic so no need for concern about any allergies you may have.

The blanket also features 2 layers of polyester protection, that ensure that the blanket will have a silk-like touch and not tear easily. You can also try your blanket for 60 nights and if you are unsatisfied you can get your money back. These 100 percent organic blankets are a fantastic choice, mainly due to their flexibility with returns as finding the best weight is difficult unless you actually get a blanket you are immediately happy with. Want a heavier blanket? Simply return it and pick another.

However if you want a general idea of what weight is right for you, calculate 10 percent of your body weight into the weight of the blanket. If you are looking for a natural remedy to fight chemo anxiety they are an excellent choice.